Kinship Staff

The team members at Kinship Services provide resources and create miracles for family members who take legal guardianship of children in their lives. These CarePlus staff members are passionate about their work and are grateful to be making a difference in so many lives.

Sometimes the Kinship representatives are the only people that these families know to turn to, and it is incredibly fulfilling to help them out and put smiles on their faces. Like all young people these children want to be in style, but often cannot afford the best clothes, toys, or technology – Kinship provides the support to make these things possible.

One of the most rewarding experiences for the Kinship team is spending face-to-face time with the caregivers. This is when the guardians, often grandparents, share their stories of how they became the primary caregivers, as well as the sacrifices they needed to make. They also share feedback on what they get out of the program, which usually involves thankfulness and happiness in both the caregiver and the child.
The staff was amazing… helping me to get my granddaughter all the things she needed. She was screaming with excitement when she received her stuff, especially her sneakers.

I just wanted to ask you to extend our personal gratitude to the Kinship Program for all the years of assistance. This program provided financial relief, particularly during some very rough patches. It aided with summer camps when my nephew was little. As he grew, the program was useful in helping a growing boy with clothes and other pertinent items. My nephew tells me that it’s like Christmas every time I get stuff from Kinship helping.

Kinship is heaven sent and it is a blessing to be able to get more than I thought from Kinship. I needed a computer for my grandson, and the staff helped me to be able to get the boys coats and shoes for the winter too!